GTD Dashboard

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GTD Dashboard

Capture, organize and prioritize your to-dos. Become more organized and productive in your daily life. Use this Notion Task Manager to become more organized and productive in your daily life. Create and assign your task, and get things done.

Take control of your tasks, projects, and productivity with our comprehensive Notion template designed specifically for implementing the renowned Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology. Whether you prefer a simple setup or an automatic priority system, our template is here to enhance your productivity and help you accomplish more.

Meet the all-new GTD Dashboard. Elegant new design, powerful new features. Focus on what matters today. See your calendar events and to-dos together. Quickly enter new to-dos. Add notes, checklists, reminders and more. It comes with a finely tuned dark mode that looks absolutely stunning.

GTD Dashboard is the perfect all-in-one solution, bringing David Allen's renowned "Getting Things Done" method to life within the powerful Notion platform. Get access to a curated template designed to streamline your tasks and projects, categorize them by areas of life (business, personal, education, etc.), and provide you with an interactive dashboard and sidebar for quick access to everything you need. Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and missed deadlines - welcome to a new era of productivity and efficiency.

Improve your focus, organization, and productivity with the Notion Getting Things Done Template. This powerful, customizable template is based on the popular GTD methodology, streamlining your task management and helping you achieve your goals with ease. Discover the benefits of the Notion Getting Things Done Template and revolutionize the way you work.

Capture anything quickly into your inbox to process later. Organize and sort by dates, projects, or contexts. Process if it's a next action, project or reference. Review and update your task lists and references.

The Notion Getting Things Done Template is designed around the renowned GTD methodology, developed by productivity expert David Allen. This time-tested approach focuses on organizing tasks into actionable items, allowing you to efficiently manage your work and stay focused on your priorities. The template incorporates the core principles of the GTD method, ensuring a structured and effective task management system.

Capture, Clarify, and Organize Your Tasks

The Notion Getting Things Done Template helps you capture, clarify, and organize your tasks in a systematic manner. You can quickly add new tasks, break them down into smaller steps, and categorize them based on their context, priority, and due date. This intuitive process enables you to maintain a clear overview of your work, eliminating the stress of disorganization and enhancing your productivity.

Prioritize and Delegate with Ease

With the Notion Getting Things Done Template, prioritizing and delegating tasks becomes a breeze. You can easily assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and track the progress of each task. The template’s user-friendly interface allows for seamless collaboration, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and that tasks are completed on time and with minimal confusion.

Review and Reflect on Your Progress

The Notion Getting Things Done Template encourages regular reviews and reflection on your progress. By periodically evaluating your task list and completed work, you can identify areas for improvement, set new goals, and adjust your priorities as needed. This continuous improvement process helps you stay focused, motivated, and aligned with your objectives.

Customizable to Fit Your Unique Needs

The Notion Getting Things Done Template is fully customizable, allowing you to adapt it to your unique work style and preferences. You can modify the layout, add new sections, or integrate with other tools to create a personalized productivity system tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Using the Notion Getting Things Done Template

  • A task management system based on the proven GTD methodology
  • Efficient capture, clarification, and organization of tasks
  • Easy prioritization and delegation of tasks for seamless collaboration
  • Regular review and reflection on progress for continuous improvement
  • Customizable template to suit your individual work style and requirements

Personalisation Support:

Purchasing the Automatic Priority GTD template also grants you personalised support to tailor the template to your specific needs. Our team will guide you through the customisation process, helping you optimise the template to align with your unique workflow and preferences.

Unlock your productivity potential and experience the power of the Getting Things Done methodology with our Notion template. Whether you choose the Simple GTD or Automatic Priority version, you'll gain a comprehensive tool that revolutionises the way you manage your tasks, projects, and overall productivity. Start getting things done today!

What you’ll get:

  • A space to write down and track your tasks
  • A space to assign tasks to different areas

With this Notion template, you'll be able to take control of your tasks and Get Things Done.

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What is Notion?

  • Notion is the ultimate productivity app, offering an all-in-one workspace to organize work, projects, and ideas. It's highly versatile, with tools for databases, wikis, notes, and more.

How to download the template?

  • This is a Notion public website. Just bookmark it! :)

Still, have questions?

  • No worries! On any of my social media accounts, I'm always available for DMs and discussions. Please get in touch with me; I usually respond within a few hours: Instagram Twitter Linkedln or email to:

If you like it, rate ★★★★★ here, on the sidebar in Gumroad

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GTD Dashboard will emphasize the power of GTD methodology and show how Notion can be used as a tool to implement it effectively.

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GTD Dashboard

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