Python Hub

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Capture and Organize all you Python Knowledge in One Place.

Python Hub in a must-have if you're programmer. Pyhton courses from zero to hero, best Python resources, repositories with weekly updates, Github, APIs and Cheatsheet.

Welcome to Python Hub, your go-to destination for mastering Python. Immerse yourself in the language that's shaping the digital world. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned coder, our informative and engaging tutorials have you covered. From basics to advanced concepts, Python Hub helps you explore, learn, and innovate in coding. Dive into our practical examples or challenge yourself with our coding tasks. Don’t just learn, start coding today with us at Python Hub, where coding meets creativity and innovation!

What you'll get:

An all-in-one coding projects tracker with features like:

  • A programming languages to learn section
  • Template for every project where you can track progress, make notes and keep important lines of code
  • Storage for all of your projects in two styles with custom status depending on the state of the project

You can also customize this porduct for your needs!

Who needs this product?

  1. Programmers who are working on more than one project at a time
  2. People who want to learn programming and track their projects
  3. People who are searching for a job and want to upgrade their portfolio
  4. Anybody who is interested in programming or web development

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What is Notion?

  • Notion is the ultimate productivity app, offering an all-in-one workspace to organize work, projects, and ideas. It's highly versatile, with tools for databases, wikis, notes, and more.

How to download the template?

  • This is a Notion public website. Just bookmark it! :)

Still, have questions?

  • No worries! On any of my social media accounts, I'm always available for DMs and discussions. Please get in touch with me; I usually respond within a few hours: Instagram Twitter Linkedln or email to:

If you like it, rate ★★★★★ here, on the sidebar in Gumroad

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Python Hub

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