SAP Knowledge Hub

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SAP Knowledge Hub

SAP Knowledge Hub is a Notion template that provides SAP Consultants with access to a wide range of learning resources, including training material, SAP documentation, best practices and expert insights. It is developed tp help SAP Consultants, including Developers and end-users, gain the knowledge and skills they need to effectively use and manage SAP products and solutions.

Weekly updates with SAP Documentation. Google Drive updates.

Capture and Organize all your SAP Documentation in one-place

  • More than 3000 transactions.

  • All SAP tables.
  • IMG documentation for all SAP modules
  • Repository with offical SAP documentation updated weekly! Direct access Google drive shared.
  • Import you documentation from Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.

  • You can manage information from your Projects: functional design, user guides, test scripts, etc...
  • Links from Communities, websites, blogs and learning hubs.
  • Websites, blogs, learning hubs, and communities related to SAP, all provide links.

What you'll get

  • Notion template
  • Access to Google sharing folder. Weekly updated!
  • Tutorial guide on how to use the template


  1. Who is this template for?
    SAP Consultants to capture and organize all documentation
  2. I have more questions. How can I contact you?
    We accept new proposals to improve this template, You can send me an email

What is Notion?

  • Notion is the ultimate productivity app, offering an all-in-one workspace to organize work, projects, and ideas. It's highly versatile, with tools for databases, wikis, notes, and more.

How to download the template?

  • This is a Notion public website. Just bookmark it! :)

Still, have questions?

  • No worries! On any of my social media accounts, I'm always available for DMs and discussions. Please get in touch with me; I usually respond within a few hours: Instagram Twitter Linkedln or email to:

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Notion template SAP Knowledge Extend and access to SAP resources

Extra SAP resources - Weekly updates
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SAP Knowledge Hub

25 ratings
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